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Introduction of exhibit place

1F,  Main Building of Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

1. Hallway
Visitors to Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence were asked to wait here, while the rest of the entourage waited in the small reception room. The paintings on the wall are works of Mrs. Chiang.


2. Small living room
A small reception room is also the family gathering place. The portrait of the late mother of Mr. Chiang, Mrs. Wang, is hung above the fireplace to express his gratitude towards his mother’s love.
3. Dining room
This is the daily family gathering place; sometimes banquets were thrown here to entertain foreign and domestic guests. After dinner, the dining room would be merged with the small living room to form a cinema, where Mr. and Mrs. Chiang sat down to watch movies with their families.

4. Large living room
This is where guests were received, sometimes family gatherings were also held here. Mr. and Mrs. Chiang always sat by the fireplace to greet the guests.
The building is contemporary Western style, there are no overly extravagant decorations and the general style is expressed through the furniture and daily items.
The four large round windows reflect the outside scenery like a painting. The painting on the round window of the corridor was done by Mrs. Chiang.

Large Living Room

2F,  Main Building of Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence

5. Mr. Chiang’s Second Den
Mr. Chiang used to read the newspaper or handle official business here. He placed a portrait of his mother on his desk, while the portrait of Dr.Sun Yat-sen and Jesus Christ hung on the walls.

6. Mr. Chiang’s First Den ( Mr. Chiang’s Bedroom)
Mr. Chiang became feeble toward the end of his life, and his den was modified to serve as his bedroom. Every morning after washing up, Mr. Chiang would go to the adjacent veranda to begin his day sitting quietly, reading the Bible or exercising. In April 1975, Mr. Chiang passed away here in his family ‘s presence.

Mr. Chiang’s First Den

7. Mrs. Chiang’s Bedroom
Mrs. Chiang loved to read. She brought a cherished copy of the painting “A Young Girl Reading”by Fragonard back from China and hung it in her bedroom. Mrs. Chiang considered dressing well to be a form of courtesy and always received her guests in an elegant manner.

8. Mrs. Chiang’s Studio
Soon after arriving in Taiwan, Mrs. Chiang studied landscape, floral and bird painting under the artists Huang Jun-bi and Cheng Man-ching. Mr. Chiang commended her interest in painting and often composed poems to accompany her paintings.

Mrs. Chiang’s Studio

9. Mrs. Chiang’s Study
The place served as Mrs. Chiang’s reading room. Mrs. Chiang was well-read, and often read English books and periodicals, such as Time and Reader’s Digest.

10. Dining room
This is where Mr. and Mrs. Chiang dined or enjoyed tea together. Mr. Chiang was accustomed to Chinese cuisine, while Mrs. Chiang preferred Western meals.

11. Mr. Chiang’s Study
Early on, Mr. Chiang used to read here. Later, the space was often used as a guestroom for relatives and friends. In 1953, when U.S. vice president Richard Nixon visited Taiwan, he was received with high respect and stayed in this room.

Mr. Chiang’s Study

Inner Garden

1. Birds
There is a birdcage in the inner garden, where Mr. Chiang and his wife kept common bird species such as manikins and golden orioles.
2. Fish
Mr. Chiang used to sit by the pool to view or feed the fish and enjoy quality time.
3. Flora
Mr. Chiang and his wife adored flowers, especially plum blossoms. His wife also liked roses and peonies.

Inner Garden

Extended scenic spots
“Chiang Kai-Shek Shilin Residence” was designated as a national historic monument by the MOI in 2005. The main complex consists of four locations such as the main building, guesthouse, Victory Chapel and Ciyun Pavilion. After visiting the official residential building, visitors may also visit Victory Chapel and Ciyun Pavilion en route.

1. Ciyun Pavilion
The Ciyun Pavilion is located on the top of the Fu Mountain above the main building. The two-story tall square pavilion was completed in 1963. When Mrs. Wang passed away, Mr. Sun Yat-sen dedicated a plaque with the inscription “Ci Yun Pu Yin”. Later, Mr. Chiang named the pavilion “Ciyun Pavilion” in commemoration of his loving mother.

2.Victory Chapel
The hall was completed in 1949 and became the chamber for Mr. and Mrs. Chiang to attend their religious services. Chang Hsiao-liang, He Ying-cin and their wives, as well as former US Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon have all visited the Victory Chapel to attend services.

In 1973, Mr. Chiang Hsiao-yung and Fang Chih-i were married here. In 1987, Mr. Chiang Hsiao-kang and Wang I-hui were also married here; the wedding was presided and witnessed by Reverend Chou Lien-hua.
Currently, Victory Chapel is still presided over by the Reverend Chou Lien-hua every Sunday for Christian services.

Victory Chapel